How to Get Your Long-Term Care Planning on the Right Track

It may not be especially nice to think about, but the fact is that as we all keep living longer, our likelihood of requiring long-term care is increasing, too. What that care looks like and how long we need it for are, of course, unique to every individual. But what’s true for many of us […]

Some Of My Favorite Client Questions

I love it when clients ask me questions, especially before taking action. Some ask many questions throughout the year, while others may wait for tax time. Many business and individual clients rely on their CPAs to make sense of tax implications and all kinds of financial matters, particularly about their companies and accounting. Here are […]

3 Critical Shifts For Clients In Retirement

Whether we are your business advisors or your tax preparers,  if you are one of the 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, your need for retirement planning has never been greater. Retirees need to make three critical shifts in thinking to obtain the most enjoyment out of their golden years, and as CPAs, we […]

Retirement transition: Crucial decisions

As CPAs, we encounter our clients’ life events many times, while each client encounters them just once. This experience allows our team to compare, learn, and develop tools to give expert advice to all our clients. When it comes to transitioning to retirement, Social Security is a big consideration, and clients look for our advice. […]

Tax And Financial Planning Tips For Retirement

Retirement is an exciting time. After a lifetime of hard work, you’re finally ready to focus on family, travel, and hobbies. But just because the work stops doesn’t mean taxes do. When your income is fixed, taxes can take on a whole new hue. Whether you’re retiring now or simply thinking about your future, here […]

When Should You Claim Social Security?

Deciding when to claim Social Security retirement benefits is probably one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. The stakes are high. If you claim too early, you’re signing on to receive reduced benefit checks for life. But if you get the timing right, and draw down your retirement money […]

5 Retirement Tax Diversification Strategies

Tax diversification is the practice of saving for retirement through a variety of retirement vehicles with different tax treatments. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you spread your savings out among types of accounts to minimize your tax bill as much as possible. Working with your CPA or CFP should help you […]

Still Hoping To Save On Your 2019 Taxes?

There’s still time to shave a few bucks off your 2019 tax bill — if you act quickly. The 2018 tax season came with harsh lessons for some taxpayers who didn’t properly adjust their plans for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This overhaul of the tax code roughly doubled the standard deduction ($12,200 for […]

Should You Relocate to Trim Taxes in Retirement?

Relocating for retirement and trimming the budget line for taxes are among the many tasks pre-retirees and retirees have on their to-do lists. Many people consider checking off both items by moving to a state with low taxes or tax breaks that specifically benefit older residents. And these days, people affected by tax reform’s squeeze […]

7 Reasons to Delay Retirement One More Year

Hastily exiting your career before the time is right can have a lasting negative impact on your retirement. Apprehensive workers unsure if it’s time to retire might benefit from one more year of work. If there is any doubt about your ability to retire, consider working another year to solidify your exit plan and boost […]