Should Your Business Improve Its Cash flow?

Should Your Business Improve Its Cash flow?

Understanding the difference between assets and cash flow is critical to business survival.

Cash Is Life
The value of a company is not necessarily a measure of how financially strong it is.

Strong cash flow allows a company to operate. It allows the organization to not only pay current expenses but also respond to changes in the market. Sudden cost increases or drops in revenue can destroy a company without a strong positive cash flow. Now more than ever, for a business to remain viable it must improve its cash budget.

Reduce Expenses
Consumers are buying less and that drop in revenue is occurring in nearly every industry. One of the most immediate ways to maintain profitability during falling revenues is by finding ways to cut costs. In minor downturns, reducing luxury expenses or occasional costs is an effective strategy but today’s businesses may need to be more aggressive.

Working closely with a CPA firm like DeHoek & Company to analyze fixed expenses and find ways to save money in the long term is a good plan. Companies can negotiate with vendors to strike new deals.  Those vendors might offer a reduced price than lose a lucrative client.

Another way companies are saving money is by shrinking the inventories they carry. While organizations still want to have enough stock on hand to satisfy customers, if customer traffic is down then inventory can be reduced as well.

Raise Revenues
Some business owners are cutting prices, hoping to attract new customers. However, in many cases, the cuts simply reduce cash flow. Other owners are trying the radical strategy of raising prices. Small price increases often have little effect on sales volume but can significantly improve profits.

Instead of cutting prices, think about improving customer traffic by spending more time marketing. Inexpensive promotional campaigns can bring an organization to the attention of new segments of the consumer market, bringing in additional business. Other companies are using marketing as an opportunity to introduce new products or services to appeal to a wider segment of the population.

No single strategy works for every business. This is why it is so important for companies to work closely with their CPA firm. Only with a clear vision of the company’s financial situation can managers make effective decisions about the organization’s future.