There’s been a rise in fake unemployment claims in West Michigan.

Investigators say the criminals are from out of state and using the UIA because the agency typically tries to get people benefits as soon as possible. However, increased security measures have been put in place, and the agency is catching most of the fraud before money is doled out.

If you receive a notice from the State of Michigan informing you that your refund is being held due to an amount owed for Michigan Unemployment (UIA), then a false claim for unemployment might have been made under your name.

If this has happened, contact the State of Michigan promptly to alert them and get it taken care of. You might find it easier to do everything online. The UIA has a page on its website to report fraud.

If the notice you received looks odd, then go to the State of Michigan office in person to make sure the notice is from them and not a scam as well.

Click here for a fact sheet called, “Protecting Yourself From  Identity Theft Fact Sheet” from the State of MI UIA.

by Jonathan M. DeHoek
Tax and Audit Specialist

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