It’s Time for Tax Planning…

It’s Time for Tax Planning…

As the year is winding down, it is time to start thinking about some tax planning.

JONATHAN M. DEHOEK Associate, EA | Tax and Audit Specialist

Business owners as you know your income and expenses can fluctuate from year to year.  Now is the time to send us your profit & loss statement and W-2 information.  We can analyze and project what we think your taxes are going to be for the 2018 tax year.

After we have analyzed your anticipated income, we can adjust your income tax withholding accordingly.  By doing this we can save you penalties, interest, and stress from being under-withheld. If your income is primarily from W-2 wages, and your income level has changed, you may wish to have us analyze your tax withholdings, to ensure you are on track as well.

If you are unable to schedule a meeting, you can go to the IRS website and make sure you’re withholding appropriately.

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