How are Tax Planning and Financial Planning Connected?

How are Tax Planning and Financial Planning Connected?

Tax planning is the strategy of arranging your affairs in ways that postpone or avoid taxes. By employing effective tax planning strategies, you can have more money to save and invest or more money to spend, or both.

Financial planning is the art of implementing strategies that help you reach your financial goals, be they short-term or long-term.

Tax planning and financial planning are closely linked because taxes are such a large expense item as you go through life. If you become financially successful, taxes will probably be your single biggest expense over the long haul. So planning to reduce taxes is a critically important piece of the overall financial planning process.

You should not change your financial behavior solely to avoid taxes. Truly effective tax planning strategies are those that permit you to do what you want while reducing tax bills along the way. As both a CPA and a CFP®, I am qualified to assist my clients who are looking for both, financial and tax planning benefits.

During tax season, I can certainly look at your 2017 tax return and have a conversation with you about preparing ahead for 2018. Tax planning is more strategic, and  interesting for me as your CPA. Helping you keep both your family and your business financially strong allows me to wear both my CPA and CFP®️ hats.

If this type of pre-planning interests you, let’s plan for it in our next meeting.

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