DeHoek & Company Is Proud To Announce Our 30th Anniversary! 

DeHoek & Company Is Proud To Announce Our 30th Anniversary! 

In 1993, our goal was to provide personalized tax and accounting services to mid- small sized businesses and their families. Now, 30 years later, our team of professionals continues to work toward that same goal. We are so grateful for the trust and loyalty of our clients!

Our clients know their CPAs and their tax support team, and we know them well. In many cases, we now know their children, business partners, employees, and their 2nd and 3rd business ventures. We’ve even helped some of our clients retire! We look forward to more years to come.

About our firm

As a business owner or individual, you want more than numbers from your accounting & consultant firm. You want a firm that “gets you”—that understands you, your situation, your industry, and the complexity of the kinds of decisions you have to make. You want more than accurate numbers and someone who will take the headaches away—you want a trusted partner who will help you achieve your dreams and goals and consider you as part of their extended family (not just another client or number). Moreover, you want a firm that is …

Personable – When you have to call or talk with your accountant, you want to call someone you enjoy talking with.

Responsive – When you send an email or leave a voicemail with your CPA, you don’t want to have to wait days or weeks until you get a response. You want a quick response.

Resourceful – When you contact your business advisor, you don’t want to hear, “That’s not what we do” or “I don’t know.” You want to talk with an experienced professional who knows the answer or knows how to get the answer quickly.

Advisors – When your accountant provides you with your financials, you don’t want just numbers. You want someone who can help you understand and interpret those numbers so you can make better decisions.

That’s why at DeHoek & Company PLLC, a Grand Rapids CPA firm, we’ve intentionally designed our firm to be just that—a firm that is personable, responsive, resourceful, and made up of advisors (CPAs who want to help you make better sense of your numbers, not just provide you with numbers).

We think you’re more than a number. We think our staff members are more than numbers. And we believe you want more than numbers from your accounting firm. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure you contact us at 616.456.5530. We look forward to earning your trust and proving that we are the accounting firm you’ve always wanted.