4 Habits That Could Be Costing Your Business Time and Money

Even the savviest of small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and operators have some common and seemingly insignificant business habits that creep into day-to-day work. All told these bad habits can seriously impact a business’ longer-term profitability and viability. Maybe you’re dealing with tangible, finance-related issues. Or less visible but equally destructive business practices are […]

The Best Business Benefit of Your Vacation

The first day back from vacation can feel overwhelming. You come back to a bucket instead of the normally dripping faucet of information, with hundreds of emails and tons of phone calls, yet how you handle the day, can improve your productivity significantly. Most of us do the logical thing: Start from the top or […]

Soft Skills May Be The Key For CPA’s

As professionals advance in accounting and finance careers, soft skills become increasingly important. Whether a professional is looking for a new job or seeking a promotion, focusing on and developing soft skills can help employees be more well-rounded and employable professionals. For professionals looking to improve their work and their employability, the 4 soft skills listed […]

Owners And Managers Can Prevent Fraud

Employee theft happens often enough for every business to be aware of. Whether your business is a one-employee medical office or a forty-employee retail outlet, owners should be on alert to the signs of embezzlement and fraud. Absentee business owners should be even more alert to the problem of employee theft. Busy managers find it […]

The Art Of The Effective Client Email

CPAs have long relied on emails to communicate through all stages of a client relationship. And with CPAs and clients unable to meet in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, emails are more important than ever, and in your business too. Here are nine tips from CPAs on how to get their emails noticed in clients’ […]

7 Leadership Skills Everyone Needs in Times of Change

Change isn’t a state that companies and individuals can just weather and wait out for a season. These days, it’s the constant. But if you can learn to embrace it—and learn to lead through it—you’ll have a huge advantage in the workplace and in leading your organization. In fact, many consider adaptability to be an […]

#MeToo brings new expectations

Have you examined how the #MeToo movement changes the way sexual misconduct claims are handled at your organization, in your firm, or for those you advise? If you haven’t, well, #TimesUp. These two social media hashtags made viral after the 2017 downfall of top Hollywood movie executive led to a national reckoning over sexual misconduct […]

Ways to Recognize Your Employees

An act of kindness or a token of appreciation can really make someone’s day. Your employees work hard with you to attain your business goals and acknowledgment from management goes a long way. Recognition adds to everyone’s happy quotient. Here are some samples of popular employee recognition applications and some of their features: iAppreciate Helps […]

Jonathan DeHoek Is A Licensed Enrolled Agent (EA).

DeHoek & Company is proud to announce Jonathan DeHoek is a licensed Enrolled Agent (EA). Having completed his exams earlier this year, Jon received his EA certificate this summer and we could not be happier for him, Congratulations Jon! Jon’s responsibilities include business, individual and non-profit tax return preparation, and bookkeeping. He joined our team in […]