Common Mistakes To Avoid In Starting Your Business

Approximately 20 percent of small businesses will fail within their first year. When you consider that there were about 30.2 million small businesses in the country as of 2018, you can begin to get an idea of just how serious this situation is. It means that every year, about 6.04 million small businesses celebrate their […]

Do You Know Your Business’s Value?

Knowing the value of their business helps owners make important decisions for their company, including when to raise capital and how to ask for capital or a loan from investors or banks, understanding when to exit and their exit strategy and when to purchase another business in efforts to strengthen their own offering. An inaccurate […]

Embracing An Analytics-Based Approach To Auditing

Audit data analytics is going through an exciting time. There’s a lot of growth and a lot of new tools being offered. The movement recently towards updating the audit evidence standards is going to really open the floodgates for audit data analytics. Audit analytics gives practitioners the ability to examine an entire dataset rather than […]

Which Type Of Mid – Small Business Owner Are You?

Small-business owners are often passionate about what they do and take great pride in the value or service their business offers. It’s likely they work long hours and spend ample mental time thinking about operations, employee retention, customer acquisition, human resources, and reducing liability. They often shed blood, sweat, and tears for their baby, especially […]

How To Serve Next-Gen Clients

Most Millennials have fairly straightforward finances now, but that’s poised to change. As Baby Boomers retire at the rate of 10,000 per day, members of younger generations are stepping forward to succeed them. More than one-third of the U.S. labor force is composed of Millennials, who recently eclipsed Gen Xers to become the largest generational […]

Impact of S corp. verification in M&A transactions

The merger-and-acquisition market for private companies has been very active. The activity should remain high as aging Baby Boomers look to retirement, many of them business owners for whom selling a closely held business is a key part of their financial plan. A great majority of private businesses are structured as S corporations, which are […]

Do you know the value of your company?

If you have not had an assessment of your business’ value on at least three levels over the course of the last twelve months, you should consider it. A business valuation provides the business owner with multiple facts and figures regarding the actual worth or value of the company in terms of market competition, asset […]